Richard Winspear

Managing Director

Richard has farming in his blood although he didn’t realise his personal potential in the paddocks until after he’d spent 15 years working as an investment banker in Hong Kong.

He moved to Asia when he was 22 and managed a restaurant before starting work on the trading floor at HSBC and then worked for Japanese investment bank Nomura.

The Berried in Tas Managing Director was an original investor in the operation in 2016 and maintains ownership along with three fellow investors. Tasmanian-born with farming connections across the state’s Midlands, Richard left Tasmania as a teenager and completed his schooling in Queensland before undertaking a Bachelor of Business and Finance.

Sumit Bhandari

Chief Agronomist

Berried in Tas would not be able to boast such irresistible fruit without Sumit’s leadership in the horticulture team. Having worked in the berry industry since 2015, Sumit is passionate about plant behaviour and works tirelessly to ensure every raspberry and strawberry plant receives the nutrition and care necessary to thrive. He started working at Berried in Tas in 2019 and is responsible for leading the irrigation and plant nutrition program as well as disease and pest management.

Sumit boasts a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology and a Masters in Agriculture Science and has previously worked with crops including linseed, hazelnuts, hops and other cereal crops. His goal is to implement a new breeding technique and produce disease-free and pest-resistant plants.

Randall Zolyniak

Harvest Manager

A former chef, Randall downed her kitchen utensils to swap hospitality for horticulture in 2018. Having started as a strawberry picker and then working in a harvest support role, she has developed her credentials to now manage the entire harvest across both strawberries and raspberries.

Each season she oversees the employment of hundreds of pickers and then ensures their work meets the high standards and specifications required by Berried in Tas.

Randall enjoys meeting new people from different nationalities who work on the farm and loves the high-paced nature of picking perfect fruit during the harvest.