A little bit about ourselves

Berried in Tas is proud to grow some of the country’s finest strawberries and raspberries at a purpose-built farm at Carrick, in Tasmania’s picturesque Meander Valley.

With the grand Western Tiers providing a stunning backdrop, Berried in Tas is quickly becoming renowned for the perfect produce it cultivates in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner.
Since beginning operations in 2016, the business has transformed bare farming pasture with the development of 18ha of poly tunnels housing 600,000 strawberry plants and 70,000 raspberry canes.

More than 250 workers converge on the farm from across the globe each season to ensure 600 tonnes of strawberries and 220 tonnes of raspberries are picked, packed and presented to markets across Australia.
Berried in Tas is proudly owned by a group of four mates who wanted to invest in the Tasmanian agricultural sector as a result of the island state's exceptional international reputation.

After a successful initial investment, Berried in Tas plans to triple in size over the next five years as the state consolidates its position as a global leader in high-quality fruit production.


Berried in Tas takes great pride in the flourishing fields of berries it grows each season. Every strawberry and raspberry must meet a strict criteria for size, colour and sugar content, with all staff specially trained to ensure each berry is picked at the optimum time to ensure a longer shelf life.


Perfection is paramount, with genetics provided by Perfection Fresh and the farm’s produce sold under the Perfection Fresh brand. Each plant at Berried in Tas is drip-fed by an advanced irrigation system that mixes Tasmania’s finest water with scientifically-developed nutritional feed to encourage appropriate growth throughout the season.


People make Berried in Tas the place it is. Without committed and caring employees, the business would not be able to ensure such a high-quality and consistent product. Six full-time employees work at the farm throughout the year to manage the site and office and up to 10 casuals are employed throughout the year to assist with planting and farm maintenance.


Between November and May when harvest is underway, Berried in Tas is a vibrant picture of colour and activity. During that time up to 600 people are needed to pick and pack berries for delivery to local and export markets. The farm supports a diverse culture of people, with 70 workers from Vanuatu and Tonga typically on-site as part of a Visa program and another 70 people employed from Tasmania’s rich new Australian community.


Berried in Tas is located just 15 minutes from the Launceston CBD, at Carrick in Northern Tasmania.  The Oaks Rd property was chosen as a perfect location to develop a berry farm because it was imperative for the business to have access to the most pure water in the world - given 92 per cent of each berry is made up of water!


Cue the untouched rain water and snow melt from the Great Western Tiers and Central Highlands to provide irrigation for each individual plant. Berried in Tas is surrounded by beautiful, lush pastures that are stocked with sheep and cattle while its close neighbour is home to Tasmania’s renowned agricultural show Agfest, which is held in May each year.

Our Mission

Berried in Tas is passionate about utilising innovative agricultural practices to produce fruit of exceptional quality, while enhancing Tasmania’s reputation as an island of safe and sustainable food production.


Berried In Tas