The Process of Perfection

Berried In Tas began operations in 2016 with the aim of perfecting the art of growing berries. Captivated by Tasmania’s pristine environment with the freshest air and most pure water in the world, a group of investors joined forces to buy an Oaks Rd property and transform it from grazing pasture into a state-of-the-art fruit farm. The business now sells 600 tonnes of strawberries and 220 tonnes of raspberries to customers around Tasmania and Australia under the brand name Perfection. As a result of innovative practices by passionate staff, perfection is being achieved both literally and figuratively.

How we grow our perfect berries

The business has undertaken a significant research and development program to improve production processes to grow the sweetest fruit with stunning appearance. Polytunnel infrastructure has been developed across 18ha to protect the crop from Tasmania’s often harsh weather elements. By providing a climate-controlled setting within the tunnels, the plants produce higher yields at a more consistent quality.

Sustainable practices

Berried in Tas is acutely aware of its responsibility as a custodian of the land and places great importance on sustainable practices. Run off from the 100 ML of irrigation water that is used by the operation each year is recycled to be redistributed to other crops and neighbouring dairies. The coir encasing each plant every season is also repurposed into a unique and biologically-diverse compost that is utilised by adjoining farms. Even the strawberries that don’t pass strict quality assurance measures are recycled, with the cows across the road said to love them - we just haven’t worked out how to create strawberry milk straight from the source yet!

Where to find us

470 Oaks Road
Carrick, 7291